Royal Marines

In this section we've sculpted a series of high quality British Royal Marine retirement gift figurines which depict Commandos of the Royal Marines from a Sharpshooter at Trafalgar in 1805, to a Royal Marine drummer of the present day.

There are two scales of figurines and they include Modern Day Royal Marine Commando on patrol to Royal Marines 'Yomping' across the Falkland Islands. Our Royal Marine military figurines and statuettes are ideal as Unit retirement gifts,  top table presentations and mess promotion gifts.

We also offer a full engraving service to suit all our Royal Marine figurines and in addition can supply a wide range of engraved crystal crested with the Royal Marines Insignia.

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  1. Sculpting Scale Other (Pewter and Commission) X

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  1. Commando Logistic Regiment and 17 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC, Bronze Seahorse Sculpture. Wooden base and engraved brass plate are included
    Seahorse, Cold Cast Bronze
    £162.00 £135.00
  2. Marine L E Phant RM - Officers' Mess 40 Commando Royal Marines

A Cold Cast Bronze Elephant designed around the Officers' Mess Centrepiece.
    Mne L E Phant, 40 Commando Officers' Mess
    This is a Specific Customer Commission for the Officers' Mess of 40 Commando RM

6 Items

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