Life Guards, Household Cavalry

British Army Life Guards collection of retirement, farewell, mess and promotion gift ideas. In this section we've sculpted a series of high quality British Army Life Guard figurines which depict troopers of the Life Guard Regiment from the Battlefield of Waterloo in 1815 to the present day. They include Life guard Troopers in review order, Winter and Summer and are both mounted and dismounted. They are ideal as military gifts and military presentations.
The Life Guards form part of Her Majesty The Queen's bodyguard and are one of the oldest British Army Regiments. The Life Guards, mounted on their black horses with their distinctive Red Jackets are one of the classic images of England.
We also make a large selection of 11" Military figurines which can be badged to suit your particular Regiment. To view these please also go to the 'British Army Figures -11" Scale' section of our website.

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