Zulu and Boer War

This is the section of hand made bronze and painted Zulu and Boer War sculptures, statuettes and figurines. We've made pieces from the Boer War in South Africa in 1899 and the Zulu War, Zululand, 1879.

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  1. Sculpting Scale 8" X
  1. This is a mounted Officer of the Scottish and North Irish Horse Yeomanry on patrol during the South African Boer War. We've made this as a commission item in Bronze and Silver for the Regimental Officers' Mess.
    Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry Officer 1899
    This is a Specific Customer Commission for the Officers' Mess of 40 Commando RM
  2. An Zulu warrior from around the time of the battle of Rorke's Drift in Zululand and this is the Cold Cast Bronze finish. We offer and engraved brass plate if required
    Zulu Warrior
    £148.99 £124.16

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