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The Royal Scots Greys Boer War Memorial 1899

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A mounted trooper of the Royal Scots Greys during the Boer War 1899, this sculpture is based on the statue on Princes Street, Edinburgh in the shadow of the Castle where the Regimental HQ of the SCOTS DG is based.

Presentation Base
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(The Princes Street Memorial)


This statuette is a faithful likeness of the full sized bronze that stands on Princes Street, Edinburgh under the shadow of Edinburgh castle. It was unveiled on the 16th on November 1906 by the Rt. Hon. Earl of Rosebery K.G., K.T. and is dedicated to those members of the Royal Scots Greys who had fallen during the previous British Military campaigns, particularly the South African War. With the kind permission of the Regimental Headquarters of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards we have been given permission to use a section of  Lord Rosebery’s dedication speech :


.....“Then came the South African War. That was a very different campaign. It was a war carried on in vast solitudes, against small bodies of men - against an enemy that was almost always invisible. No such heart-breaking or harassing work for a soldier can be conceived. It afforded no room for the splendid achievements of Waterloo and the Crimea. It required perseverance, patience, vigilance, almost as much courage; but is not cold courage -cold blooded courage prolonged through long years- at least a meritorious as the hot, warm-blooded courage of the onset? The British Army in South Africa fought under harassing conditions. They fought a new warfare; they fought hardship and disease; and they fought under the discouragement of military operations carried on with patience through long years to a tardy but triumphant result.

Gentlemen, I was with the Scots Greys at their last dinner in this city; it was a cheerful dinner, but it was not glad or triumphant. We met under the shadow of a humiliating reverse; we knew at any rate that humanly speaking, we could not expect that all who were then present would return to us again. We knew at any rate that all were about to face the unknown, and we then resolved and declared that evening that having put our hands to this thing we would see it through; and that we would muddle through somehow, and somehow or other we did muddle through. Some of those who were there that night did not return, and it is to their memory that we erect this memorial to-day.

Honour to the unreturning brave, the brave who will return no more. We shall not see their faces again. In the service of their sovereign and their country they have undergone the sharpness of death, and sleep their eternal sleep thousands of miles away in the green solitudes of South Africa. Their places, their comrades, their saddles will know them no more, for they will never return to us as we knew them. But in a nobler and a higher sense, have they not returned to us today? They return to us with a message of duty, of courage, of patriotism. They return to us with a memory of high duty faithfully performed. They return to us with the inspiration of example. Peace, then, to their dust. Honour to their memory. Scotland for ever”

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Price Code FO
Sculpting Scale 8"
Base Material of the Statue Cold Cast Resin
Height Including Presentation Base 13" / 33cm
Width of Base 8" / 20cm
Depth of Base 6" / 15cm

Please be aware that these measurements are not exact and have been rounded for ease.
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